Horror Geek Breath 2: The Answers

Let’s get right to it, eh?
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #10: Paranoia and the Fugitive Mind
This title is based off of the Megadeth song “Dread and the Fugitive Mind”.  I hope it wasn’t too cruel to stick Michael Jackson in there as a joke.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #12: Like Ogres, Onions, and Cakes
This one was practically a give away.  Only Shrek has an ogre in it, of which I’m aware.  The title comes from the discussion that Shrek and Donkey have about layers, which was the subject of the blog.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #16: Too Much Information
This title came from the Quiet Riot song “Too Much Information” on the Alive and Well album.  I picked the other names at random and made sure to have another ‘Q’ in the list.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-2: No Porcine Blemishes Here
I do not know if this one was a give away or not.  First you needed to know or learn what porcine meant.  Two of the options were jokes.  The answer is Harry Potter and the title refers backhandedly to the magic school Hogwarts.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-9: Let’s Get Physical
This one required people to be a little on the old side.  I had to Google myself to make certain I had the right singer who is the answer.  The song title I borrowed is from Olivia Newton John.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-10: Who Do? You Do.
This question is for all the geeks out there.  The last option was a joke, but I will not be offended if our friends south of the border borrow my title as a new slogan.  Everyone should know that this title reminds you of the babe (baby really) that David Bowie sings about in the movie “Labyrinth.”
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-11: *Dun-dun* Zombie Love
I knew off the bat that this would be a hard one to answer.  It became even harder when I discovered that there were two songs titled “Tainted Love”.  I of course was thinking of the one by The Clash and its distinctive musical beat before the titular bit of the chorus.
Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-12: Too Doe Nakotae
This question required you to be a real geek’s geek.  I tried to throw off the guessers by including two anime series from which such an un-English phrase might arise.  The first option gives you a different phrase in an alien tongue, which hints that “War of the Worlds” is the correct answer.  Not only that, but it comes from the War of the Worlds TV series based on the original movie.
Final Question:  What is the inspiration for today’s title, “Horror Geek Breath”?
This last one could have been a giveaway as well, since I made up all of the options except for the real answer.  The only small complication was that at least The Misfits are a real band.  This means the answer is Stink Geek Breath by Green Day.
So, those are the answers to all of the questions in the contest.  Now we come to the bit for which everyone has been waiting all week.  One lucky person out there–or mayhap not so lucky depending on their horror tolerance–has won a free copy of my e-book “Cast What You Will, Get What You Deserve”.  That person is… *drum roll*… J. Robichaud.  Congratulations, I will email you the details to pick up the book.  To everyone else, thank you for trying, and thanks especially to those who also answered all of the inspirations correctly.
Music: Stink Geek Breath by Green Day.
P.S. You didn’t expect anything else for the music did you? 😉
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