Taking Horror to Bed

I watch horror movies late in the night, so late, that sometimes in the summer I’m ending when the sun is coming up.  Sometimes after watching movies I will do some coding work, or I’ll do some researching, usually research that is just as horrific if not more than what I watched.  Other times I will go straight to bed as soon as I’m done with the DVD.  I tend to watch a lot of movies in the course of a year.  I buy them.  I rent them.  I borrow them from people.  I’d like to–but software has been an issue–watch them free online, including little indies I might not otherwise see.  Then there’s YouTube with some of its creepy little gems.  No matter what it is that I do in the intervening time between ejecting the disc and when I lay my head on the pillow to nod off I still always take horror to bed. 
What is the effect of this?  A lot of the time nothing.  Sometimes though, I find myself dreaming about the movie.  This however is not what you would expect.  No, indeed, it was not something I ever expected before I started doing it.  I most frequently dream that I am a director called in to fix the film, or do the sequel while the cast is still around.  Not only that, but the cast tends not to be actors, but instead the characters from the film.  In fact the antagonist(s), especially the more monstrous and supernatural of the bunch, are always who/what they were in the movie.  Here’s where it gets to be fun.  These antagonists and I have an ongoing sort of contest.  They have to try to scare me when I’m on set but not shooting yet.  Or, sometimes we see if I can scare them worse than they I.
Music: Old Habits Die Hard by Quiet Riot.
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