Watered Down Evil

I don’t know if it is new or always been.  Is it modern and more accessible, or are people really voicing it more?  I’ve seemingly been witness to a lot of it lately.  It’s on the rise is my view.  Perhaps I’m just more tuned into it since it caught my attention.  What is it?  It’s about people saying that no one should portray thing x or y–I’m not talking real, current/recent events either.  What kind of things?  Bad, heinous things.  The horrid acts of evil people.  These things are terrible when real, the perpetrators should be held responsible, and the punishment should be just, but heavy.  These detractors of fictional harm would preclude children and animals as victims, even of real diseases, in real accounts, let alone fiction. Most disturbing though is that thought is being treated as deed by these people.
A writer should never be treated the same as their fictional evildoers, unless there is serious, professionally diagnosed, reason to believe the writer will make it real.  I’m all for catching crimes beforehand and helping before it’s too late for someone else.  I’m all for punishment.  However, leave the writers, scriptwriters, actors, and other creative staff alone.  I expect to get a lot of flack for what I write.  I dislike namby-pamby, half-done, and watered down.  When I write villains, real black-hearted villains, they are going to do reprehensible things.  In regards to taste description will be limited where necessary, but make no mistake, evil people do evil things and when I touch on evil, I will write it.  As much as people fear desensitisation, I fear denial, panic, and overreaction much more.
Music: Children of the Damned by Iron Maiden.
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