What’s With All The Tech Stuff?

I think people know me for the thing that I want them to know most, Robert G. Male, horror author.  It begs the question what is with all the tech stuff?  Like TechStop(TM), the somehow-sister site to WraithStop(TM). Is it because I am R.M.T.P. Co., not just an employee of R.M.T.P. Co. but the actually creator, owner, one-man show that makes it be?  Even so how does that horror and tech fit?  When I decided I wanted to write I knew it wasn’t a starting point kind of career (author isn’t exactly first job material, you have to at least do something more immediately lucrative like journalism or technical writing).  I didn’t actually know about technical writing, as in it hadn’t occurred to me until the first course in it, but I had an almost immediate liking for robots.
I chose electronics over mechanics.  Electronics and software are needed.  I was on a computer at an obscenely young age back then, but not phenomenally young, teaching myself Basic out of a book.  To date it, the computer used 30-minute audiotapes to save programs.  My own first computer actually came later and I can’t recall in the slightest how it got a modem shortly after.  I do recall I took to the BBS scene like a fish to water and RPG BBSes were my thing.  The programming, the social networking, the appreciation for the technical and the electronic all came together.  Without the RPGs there would have been no horror in this equation.  The way all of these things tie in is simple and complicated all at once.  Where it’s going is going to be pretty much the same.
Music: Destiny by Stratovarius.
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