Where Is It All Going?

Last week I got into how I got into things, how they connected.  I also hinted at plans I have.  Now, I’m going to let you in on some.  Keen observers know from my constellation of visible projects that I have something in the works.  I had a surprise.  I pre-wrote this very blog ahead of schedule just so I could work on the surprise.  That big surprise was the release of Battered Spleen Productions(TM).  Beyond that I’ve been meaning to get my hands on some coding knowledge.  I need to learn and implement probably a lot of work in RSS, the thing that aggregates or forwards bits of knowledge that you specify, like the short blog/note excerpts on Facebook, or to an RSS feed reader or website that serves such a function.

That’s one thing.  Actually it may be more than one thing.  TechStop(TM) readers are privy by now to the idea of the semantic web, a way for computers to pull meaning from web pages and put them to use.  I’m very thrilled about this kind of technology/programming.  I see a clear and present use for it for me right now.  I’ve been trying to put together what I have come to call a knowledge base.  I have all of these blogs that you’ve been reading.  This isn’t the only blog though.  There’s an art one.  There’s my pro-blog, R.G. Male’s Dark Corners, my two Stop sites (the other, WraithStop(TM)), Bob’s Reviews, and a personal repository of ideas no one else is privy too yet.  There is a lot of information.  I mean to find someway to categorise it, index it, and use that base to synthesise things from it.


Music: The Other Side by Aerosmith.


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