Synthesising Fear

For those following along, I laid out the why and then got into the process of the how.  Now we’re at a different why.  Why do I want to pull all these things together?  What is it I’m looking to synthesise?  Today’s title is pretty self-explanatory, yet at the same time vague.  Not to give anything away, but I want to meld my two passions together.  Though not necessarily in the way that might first be expected… or perhaps it is.  I’ve made no secret that I have a completed novel that I shopped around to places that would take a look at it without an agent behind it.  That’s not all of it; it never is, but its one point of reference in this puzzle.  To get sidetracked a moment, the technical aspects of putting together my base of knowledge is something of a means itself for my technical work.
I would like to do a sequel to this completed novel, something more in-depth with the technical aspects, but in a subtle way.  This existing novel is a cyberpunk horror work.  It is the way in which I intend to be subtle that is a second important point of reference in the puzzle.  For note, the puzzle is half as much a puzzle to me as it to everyone else.  This is another piece.  The way I fit things together informs the way the whole is valuable.  What I am doing to a degree is speculating.  I won’t get into the whole speculative fiction thing versus sub-genres of it, if indeed it isn’t a sub-genre of some yet nameless over-genre.  Back on point It’s important to c-punk to speculate.  What I do in my speculation alters the setting.  That setting then moulds the horror.  Have things become clear?
Music: Drowse by Queen.
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