A Different Kind Of Library

Once upon a time I worked with a database that I put it together using Access97.  It collected information from forms I made within it.  From that data I made reports, pulling information from different sources within the database.  Access is a relational database.  What that means is still a mystery except that connections were possible between its different stores of information.  The data in the reports were not my purview.  I did not need to analyse the results or understand their significance.  Someone else specified the criteria of the reports.  I had a certain idea of what some of it meant.  Now though, building my own information stores, my library, I have to understand everything from top to bottom, and create the actual entries.  I’m not using an actual database program for this project either.
It would have to be a pretty impressive set of databases to handle everything.  I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  My personal library of information is mostly text, and steadily increasing in scale.  It starts with a blog entry like the one you are reading now.  The blogs are collected together by tags–unlike this blog currently.  Each tag points to a page.  That page points back to multiple other pages with the same topic.  The web of these connections quickly becomes very complicated.  Now imagine the next step, adding other libraries like podcasts, and vlogs.  Both of those require annotation to leave their meaning available externally.  It’s all just a nightmare of epic complexity, a nightmare like all the others that I am more than willing to walk into, and revel in the darkness.
Music: Blood Bound by Hammerfall.
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