New Paths of Horror

Today I am unveiling a couple of small projects.  I just announced the Dead Days Calendar(TM) this week.  The other project is a surprise called Horror Cares(TM).  I’d like to introduce you to them.  As some people know I have a Twitter account (robertmale) where I tweet new updates on all of my sites, blogs, as well the usual “What are you doing?”  This is a great way to keep on top of what I am publishing to the web.  It rarely looks to the future though.  I thought it might be better if there were a place to find out what days to expect a blog.  A calendar was an obvious idea, so I set about making one.  These days web designers are making extensive use of widgets.  With that I mind I created one.  I doubt that anyone will be interested in downloading a widget of my blogging schedule and archives, but if I receive enough interest I will open it up to others.

Horror Cares(TM) is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  On Facebook there are a number of applications that you go to every day and perform specific actions.  Most of the actions involve sending items to your other friends who also have the application.  Every page that you load, and that your friends load–because you sent them something–have advertising on them.  The makers of the application take some of that advertising revenue paid to them and give it to charities and associations that spend the money on conservation projects and other ways to protect the environment, people, and animals.  I use a number of these apps every day.  I’ve wanted to share my contributions on one of my sites for some time now.  Horror Cares(TM) is the widget I am doing it with, and maybe just maybe I can generate some more interest in these good causes.

To see these new projects go to

Music: A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth.

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