Join My Quest for Fans

A short time ago I created a fan page on Facebook for my new website Battered Spleen Productions.  Here is the page… so go on and become a fan and get your friends to join us too.  The fan page won’t bite you.  Things on the site might though.  The Grotesquerie is particularly popular.  It’s full of macabre pictures, nightmares frozen in time.  I’m endeavouring to look into places that sells customized merchandise.  When I find a good one I’ll start designing t-shirts for sale and there can be mouse pads and coffee mugs.  Before then though my dark gallery needs ratings.  I’ve started work on that.  I plan to have image ratings up to 5 stars with half-stars possible.  There is also a lot of work going on behind the scenes for the Knowledge Base.

While I’m busy shamelessly promoting myself here I might as well speak up about my Twitter account ( ).  Twitter, for those that don’t know, is a micro-blogging site.  It’s like a Facebook or MySpace status update.  They are 140 characters long only and the question asked by the box to fill one out is “What are you doing?”  Recently there was an addition, a sister site called Twitwall where longer messages can be left, or videos embedded and other things.  Mine is at and I have an entry there about one more thing I want to start work on.  Of course right now its very vague but I hope soon to be very clear about it and you’ll find that on my Battered Spleen Productions fan page that I called attention to in the first paragraph above.

Music: Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies) by Alice Cooper.

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