I’ve been progressing in my work of tagging everything, in anticipation of linking all the tag pages together in the Knowledge Base at Battered Spleen Productions.  As the work goes on, but more importantly as I begin to write more content, I have been thinking heavily about the value that can still be added.  It’s maybe been mentioned here before, though people who know me have had a taste of it, but I sometimes have notes based on other notes.  For instance there are notations in some of the entries for TechStop–where I post links to science or technology articles that I find relevant to some aspect of the stories that I want to write.  These notations point to other notes on the topic that are directly related to one of my projects, a note that digs deeper into the topic.
As one might expect I work ahead on my sites and blogs whenever possible.  A future entry also for TechStop prompted me to consider a lengthier note than the current format of the site has used.  I wanted to take a deeper look at the concepts in the article and the ideas that it sparked in my mind.  These additional ideas are not related to any particular project and therefore need not be a part of private, hidden notes.  This makes me consider one of two possibilities; break with protocol and write a larger note, or set aside a section or area for these lengthier notes probably pointed to by a link titled “Deeper”.  Of course these extra notes, or notes about notes can also cover alternative angles to the idea, and in that fashion part with the original site/blog’s focus.  We’ll see.
Music: Man on the Edge by Iron Maiden.
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