Money Troubles

I have made small mentions of it here and there, but now I guess it is time to come out and be clear.  I have a serious cash-flow problem.  One of the first answers I came up with to help alleviate the problem is to put a greater effort into selling things as an associate of Amazon and earn some money in commissions.  To that end I have put together two stores, one for and the other for  I’ve assembled pages for books and movies starting with best sellers and pre-orders.  Now, I am friends on a number of social sites, and in person, with a bunch of authors.  This made it only natural that I should open a section to sell these author’s books. To that end I have the following solicitation.
I’m looking for authors in my networks that I have not added to my store.  If you have books in any science fiction or horror vein for sale at or drop me a line and I’ll try to add a page to either or both sites.  I want each of these “Select Authors” pages to have an author biography section with whatever information the author is comfortable sharing, including different modes of contact.  I’m always interested in meeting new authors so I will of course accept new friends and set up pages for them as well.  I’ll also of course gratefully accept any inbound links to these sites and/or promotion that people are willing to give this endeavour of mine.
If you happen to be a buyer of science fiction or horror books and movies and you buy them from Amazon please consider helping me out and seeing if I’m selling what you want.  I will keep building out the shops and adding more items, like sci-fi movies.  I already have links for my favourite books and movies as well as links for movies I really want to see.  Also with I am selling Kindle 2’s.  For note, there are no associate links available for Kindle e-books at this time because Amazon isn’t offering them to me–or likely anyone yet.  Thank you for reading down this far.  Here are the links to the main pages.

Robert G. Male’s Associate Store.

Music: What it Takes by Aerosmith.
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