Great Striding Progress Cluster

This week has seen a lot of success for me in getting things done and out there that have been in the planning stages for weeks.  First up I have upgraded the Horror Cares(TM) gadget to include all of my regular charity apps at Facebook.  On the software end of that I’ve streamlined my process of updating the numbers as well.  In a few more days I should have the gadget available to be added to anyone’s site.  There is still no decision yet on gathering numbers from other people.  Suggestions are still welcome.

I’ve added Google Friend Connect to several pages at Battered Spleen Productions(TM).  The front page has a members’ gadget, and the bar at the bottom has a link to a members’ window.  With Google Friend connect people can sign in with their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account and join my site.  The current level of set up I have on Battered Spleen shows member and site activity and allows for commenting and conversations.  Comments can even have attached video.  People can also invite their friends to join the site.  There are several gadgets that can be added.  Time will tell what if any of those get added.

It’s been a long time coming.  Battered Spleen Productions is now selling shirts from my new site with CafePress.  There are two different models in white.  There are also four models of shirts for Horror Cares(TM), two white, two black.  Buying a Horror Cares shirt has no direct link to any kind of charity yet, however if Battered Spleen can start making enough income I want to set up donations to a charity that provides clean drinking water to disadvantaged areas.  To that end I will track all sales and each Horror Cares shirt sale will count toward the donation.  I hope the promise of help and the idea that all sales will help keep me in business is enough.  Fans of the Battered Spleen Grotesquerie will soon be able to buy shirts and other merchandise bearing one of their favourite images.

Music: Rocket by Def Leppard.


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