Everybody’s Going Info-Surfing

In most circles I’m often the first person to admit that I’m insanely busy.  For ages now people have been saying that they have too much information.  Going back to 1999 even Quiet Riot sang about it.  That’s how much there was then!  It’s been a long time since then.  A recent video detailing the past 5,000 days of the Internet (13 and a bit years) revealed some absolutely staggering numbers about the amount of information flying around even just daily.  Think about how much goes on at a person-to-person level on your favourite social network site, like the one you’re reading this on right now.  Now, add to that notes, blogs, and articles like this one.  Pile on that the links to articles that your friends post on their profiles and send to yours.  What about what you and they don’t read/post?


How many people are on multiple social network sites?  Do you have a number of them, and email only contacts, and IM friends, and how about Twitter?  Do you get newsletters in your inbox?  How many?  How many email addresses do you have?  I for one have enough data flow that if I printed it all out I could bury a small nation with it.  The fun part of course is that I contribute to the pile quite vigorously and I run in the same circles as a lot of other generators.  It only gets worse when the information spawns inspections, retrospections, and general commentary about the information, which leads to examinations of the people and processes of examining the information floating out there. The point to all this?  It’s like a wave, you have to take it, ride it, and try not to wipe out too often.

 Music: Mr. Popeil by Weird Al Yankovic.

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