A Little Bird Told Me

It’s been something of a week.  On one hand a lot of nothing went on, on the other a lot of ideas, information, and general data have flowed through my eyes into my brain.  First I want to point people in the direction of Jon F. Merz  who kicked off a great idea on Twitter called Thoughtful Thursday.  Check out the group, join it, post your Twitter link on the wall and join us next Thursday.  Last week’s blog post came about as a result of the admittedly awesome torrent of posts on Twitter (known as tweets if you’re not hip to our jive already).  Tonight I thought I would get into it a bit regarding just what I do with that flood of information.  Hopefully it will be of some interest.  Like everything it’s a learning experience.


First let me tell you about how I use Twitter.  As with the rest of my life I have a number of different focuses on Twitter.  There’s writing, role-playing games and horror fandom.  This came from Facebook actually, but someone pointed out an illuminating article about how “fan” is a four-letter word with which horror professionals refuse to be saddled.  I’ve seen sheep with LED vests make art on darkened fields.  I pulled three articles out for my Thursday TechStop, two of them related and the third tied back to last Friday’s Inchoate Ascendant.  I have three articles already for the next TechStop which will tie in with next week’s Inchoate and hopefully result also in the first of the “Deeper” looks I’ve previously mentioned.


Music: Peace Sells by Megadeth.


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  1. Deborah says:

    the kitten is cute

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