Taking Notes Hostage

It all begins with the same step whether it is a blog article, a short story, a novel, a movie, a song, or a role-playing game session.  It can be on paper, in a text file, or just sitting there in the brain waiting for the right time.  It can be short and sweet, or long and convoluted.  It can come all on in an instant or take time to form.  It can be left the way it was when it was first considered and put down or it can be expanded on for a long time.  It can be the full idea or just a fragment.  It can be used as is in the middle of things or only as a rough tangent.  What is it?  A note.  It should be differentiated from a simple reminder.  It can be wholly from recollection, and creativity, or it can involve research.  A good one is liable to be on more than one topic, or at least cover that topic to some depth.
Great creative projects require great notes.  The larger the project the larger the note or the more numerous they are.  There’s something of an art to great notes.  Notes have to express the right ideas.  They can state facts, set the ball rolling on speculation, and by all means consider the topic(s) from several directions.  This is just the beginning of a look at making great notes from top to bottom starting with four articles.  Each spawns a number of ideas.  They connect up in both direct ways, and with outside input, indirect ways.  The topics are interesting and speak to a certain aesthetic and bear general importance to a specific project even if they might not directly become a part of it.  It is enough that they may inspire or give a level of understanding to the project’s subject matter.
Music: Like a Knife in the Back by Twisted Sister.
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