Down the Rabbit Hole

Once there was a note, and it spawned another note, one that was a Deeper look.  That deeper look covered things that were not a part of the original note.  It expanded on one or two concepts of the original note.  Then when it was done it spawned another note.  How does it do that?  Aesthetically how does the current one link to the new one on the page when that note ends with a link back to the original note–the first one in this now three-link chain?  That is the stage awaiting decision now on Deeper TS-Ref#3.  The first step appears to be to differentiate between the two links starting with indicating that one of them is a link back to the original ‘shallow’ note.  The visual representation, not exactly an icon in this case but close to it in spirit, should also speak to the difference between one note and the next, perhaps even including directionality.
Those are web design matters regarding notes to notes about notes.  At the ideas level, the semantic layer, where the meanings live, there are different connection methods.  Venn diagrams are a series of overlapping circles illustrating the connections between ideas, concepts, or groups of related things where the overlap between circles represent how close or deep the relationship is between the items.  These diagrams can be complicated with as many circles as are needed to demonstrate the connections.  They are a quick way to see how closely related things are, but hardly much more.  As such they still require taking an in-depth look.  The amount of connection between notes may bear little importance to understanding the relationship of the connected notes.  The question then is how much of what kinds of meaning are necessary.  Hardly a simple question.
Music: Judgement of Heaven by Iron Maiden.
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