Farewell to the Fresh Flesh

On Wednesday, October 10, 2007 I started a project of which I did not know the scope and couldn’t not fathom the length and breadth that it would achieve.  I can no longer remember if it was the kick off of Horror Hump Day that began this momentous project.  I started blogging on Wednesday’s at R.G. Male’s Dark Corners two weeks earlier, not counting a note in August that I would be taking a vacation from the blog to work on other things.  Horror on Hump Day–yes it’s a cheeky title for a mostly horror blog–in any event was interrupted only two weeks later by the annual 13 Nights of Halloween.  Speaking of cheeky, those who haven’t left out of boredom have to have noticed I haven’t named what it is that I’m talking about.  Here’s one more sentence to further stretch the anticipation.

Ok, ok.  I’m going on about my "Anatomy of a Horror Setting" blog articles.  It encompasses twenty looks at the possibilities open and the questions to be asked when sitting down to create a horror setting populated by psychics.   From there it moved onto twenty discussions about horror settings making use of magic.  Seven articles about science fiction horror hybrid settings followed that.  Then I capped it off with eight parts considering fantasy and horror crosses including Victorian Age horror.  That’s fifty-five articles, and nineteen months of work.  Somewhere along the line an author I hadn’t been aware of approached me and suggested that I should turn the series into a book.  This was quite high praise indeed, and it is a suggestion upon which I intend to act. 

I would like to extend my gratitude to Lee Pletzers, who will soon be staking violent claim to http://www.terror.co.nz and is the gracious host of Masters of Horror at http://horrorwriters.ning.com for suggesting the Anatomy of a Horror Setting book.

Music: Bus Stop by The Hollies.

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