I Mean Meanings

Getting back to the ideas from "Down the Rabbit Hole" two weeks ago I still do not have any answers to the questions.  That deeper note attached to a deeper note has not materialised yet.  I know roughly what will go into it, and in the intervening time new information regarding the subject has arisen.  Beyond the technical aspects of making links and images for the links there is that layer of meaning.  On that front there are some issues that have come to the fore, so to speak, dealing with the meaning imparted from tags attached to the notes and articles in the blogs.  It’s been mentioned before, but there is a need for defining the exact purpose of a word when using it as a tag, to apply it for a specific meaning or usage of the word.  Then there is the step beyond that.
Disambiguation is what it is all about.  First there is a tag, then it is defined for a particular use, and then the other uses for that word are held separate, or the other definitions use a different word all together that means the same thing as far as what it is going to express.  Either way, two tag files for the same word or two files one word each, there needs to be a launching page, or a page that differentiates the two meanings and directs the user to the idea or tangent that they need to follow.  The disambiguation of a word into its meanings should also help define the connection between the different meanings–and related words–especially if the notes attached to the tags share the other similar tags.  All of this is as confusing as it sounds, and deserves a continued exploration.
Music: Blood Runs Cold by Def Leppard.
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