Invisible Achievements

Last night I completed the first half, well actually the smaller ‘half’ of a top-secret project.  It’s something helpful, something useful, but I’m the only one who knows about it or really sees any advantage to it.  I could spill the beans about it here and it still would be virtually transparent.  So I’ll just keep it a secret.  The funny thing is I already know of a second revision to it, which I will implement from scratch in the second larger half.  Then I will go back and fix what I have done.  That’s just the way I code web pages.  What I am left wondering is this.  Is an invisible achievement like this good practice for other projects that should be visible but end up almost entirely ignored?  Certainly something for internal distribution isn’t ego threatening.  It has no impact on obscurity.
A little searching around online provides some interesting looks into obscurity as a word.  One site lists antonyms for obscurity as clarity and lucidity, working off of obscured as in blocked from view.  The other tack runs the converse of obscurity with words like prominence and fame.  Fame is not something I seek particularly.  I mean I wouldn’t turn it down, but I prefer acknowledgement to it, and of course better sales wouldn’t hurt.  To that end anyone can check out the Battered Spleen Productions Store.  Check out my short story collection and/or download a free copy of my audio story in MP3 format.  Yes, the link pauses for ten seconds while you view an ad first.  If you can wait for it to forward you to my site, I can always use the ad traffic.  Thank you and see you here next week.
Music: The Whistler by Demons & Wizards.
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