Fruitful Products of Mind Numbing Work

It feels good to be back from hiatus, almost as good as taking the time off. That is kind of weird isn’t it? It took longer than I expected and there is still some work yet to do. As some might know from other sources part of the delay in getting back to blogging was coming down sick with something. I am still fighting it but as you can see winning enough that I can work, rather than the week I cancelled the blogs I wanted to write. What was I doing during the planned part of the hiatus? I was working on the Battered Spleen Productions Knowledge Base, a collection of tag pages for all of my blogs and information sources that I produce. With it, and this isn’t new information, anyone can find any article on any topic listed from all of my blogs and sites. Which sites? Read on.

The Knowledge Base, which isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, has 1415 tags overall, including in that number 68 disambiguation pages, not including another 23 disambiguation pages yet to be made. They break down into the following numbers. Inchoate Ascendant has 70 tags and only 1 disambiguation so far. Learning Dark Arts has 528 tags of which 20 are disambiguation pages. R.G. Male’s Dark Corners has 569 tags–it is the oldest blog with the most varied topics–of which 21 are disambiguation pages. WraithStop has 204 tags of which 4 are disambiguation pages. TechStop has 287 tags of which 11 are disambiguation pages. At some point Bob’s Reviews, my book, music, RPG, movie review site will be added to the Knowledge Base as well.

Music: Crossfire by Scorpions.


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