Five Blogs… Ha Ha Ha!

Continuing on about the connection between authors, and marketing, and me, I come to my approach for the whole thing. A quick look at Battered Spleen Productions nets two pages pertinent to this discussion. The first is the main page for the Knowledge Base. The other is the Contact Us page. I’m all over the Internet as can be seen. If you want to connect with me at any of these places please do. I won’t repeat the sites I’m on here. As to the blogs, there are a couple reasons why I have so many. Most people, especially authors, content themselves with one blog. Those people, I think, tend to focus one thing or on many different things changing week to week. I have a core number of interests that I feel the need to blog about, and focuses about which to express myself.
Beyond interest in role-playing games, writing, art, technology, and of course all things horror, I have these varied blogs or research avenues as my marketing plan. With them I seek to grab, and draw in the interest of a larger section of the online world to impress upon them that they should buy my books and other products. There is a lot of interest online but it cuts many different ways. It’s been my guiding idea to cater to multiple audiences. Also different products may produce different sales figures. Some might fear the dilution of brand, but they all have two unifying factors. They are things I have passion for, and they all pretty much relate to horror, though there are some exceptions. I also feel that in showing the full breadth of my aesthetics I can ultimately sell more books.
Music: Big Man with a Gun by Nine Inch Nails.

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