An Open Brain Drain

We interrupt your regularly scheduled formative bits rising for one that is fully risen and in place. The Battered Spleen Productions Knowledge Base is now live. The Knowledge Base contains links to all of the tags, from all of the blogs, articles, and links sites from the Battered Spleen, which means everything I have available online. Amongst the tag links and pages are disambiguation pages that differentiate between similar words and closely related words and ideas. On the Knowledge Base’s index page are links to the blogs and sites as well as new pages for tag lists and title lists. These lists are available on all of the blog and article pages of the sites as well. It’s never been easier to track a subject covered by the Battered Spleen and it’s associated content.
Rather than continue on holding you here, go forth and experience what I have to offer.
Music: I’m Going Slightly Mad by Queen.

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