Marketer/Sales Person Wanted

I am the one sole person behind every facet of Battered Spleen Productions™ That means I handle the marketing, sales, public relations, and all of the business end as well as writing, coding, and art. I cannot say that I am very good at the marketing and such. I’ve written press releases, used Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and a bunch of other assorted social networks. I haven’t had a lot of time to do it. As such I’m maybe not the best person to judge how skilled I am or am not in those endeavours. Either way I am looking to outside sources for this. I can only pay commission, not a flat rate, and the work might not even count as part time because of this. I’ve never had an employee and do not know what paperwork that would entail.
Still, I asked around and was told it is not abnormal to pay commission only for such a position. If you have a background in sales, marketing, public relations, or the like, and are interested in making some money for such work, please drop me a line at with indication of your qualifications, whether that is a resume or just a couple paragraphs about what you know that would make me pick you for this work. I’m looking for one person and would pay a percentage of all sales. That means whatever effort (and skill) is put into it will determine your results. 
Go to for details of everything I am selling, including advertising space on the blogs (soon to spread even further) and in magazines, space in the market section of the store, and more. 
Music: Sehnsucht by Rammstein.

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