Giddy Confessions of a Self-Fan

Killing Time – Horror E-Rag™ Issue 1-5 ( ) is available in the Battered Spleen Productions Store right now. There is a certain need to bring the goods, not just bring them, but bring them to a new level. I think this issue succeeds. The first stand out here is the thrilling conclusion of Will-o’-the-Wisp. Everybody says that something is a thrilling conclusion, but this really sticks. There’s more than meets the eye to these balls of glowing gas leading our intrepid Leo to dead bodies. It works both ways! Speaking of bringing, this issue is only one issue away from the end of "Lizard of Hallucination" and man is Paul in deep and sinking fast. Then there is the other short story. This one is for the real sickos. Mary Shelley is rolling in her grave over "Building the Perfect Date". It’s hard not to sound like I’m giving a hard sell here, but this was an exciting issue and I’m the one who wrote it.
The articles are great too, though even I can admit not the stars of this show. The first, "Mything Link" is a good solid thinker. I can’t tell you how much I dig myths, legends, and especially mythmaking. It’s not just that. I think the effect of a good one is almost immeasurable. This time the "Horror Franchise Discussion" is Romero’s original Living Dead trilogy. Yes this article was written before even the announcement of Land of the Dead’s filming. The reviews are for Sam Raimi’s "The Gift" and Palladium Books’ "Nightbane". Finishing it all off is an insightful "Writing in the Dark" about revision. Speaking of revision, I’m going to point out a potential flaw. In "Building the Perfect Date" I mention red hair, but the cover shows a brunette. What does it mean?  I have red hair for the model or I could fake it. So why not? This is itself a story, perhaps. What do you think?
Music: Supernova by Fear Factory.

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