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The Skinny on the Last of the First

Here it is again, that time of murder and mayhem, of slaughter and terror, in the month. Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 1-6 is available now in the Battered Spleen Productions Store. This is the last issue of the … Continue reading

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A Burning Desire in Plastic Sleeves

Here’s a question for the creative people out there. Do you ever find yourself wanting to do a project that you know is going to be a lot of work and you might not ever actually finish? You start working … Continue reading

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Protect the Parallel Universe

I made a big deal a while ago about adding a new comment engine to my sites. I’ve had some further thoughts on this, in particular regarding the sister sites TechStop and WraithStop. If you’re still not familiar with them … Continue reading

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