A Burning Desire in Plastic Sleeves

Here’s a question for the creative people out there. Do you ever find yourself wanting to do a project that you know is going to be a lot of work and you might not ever actually finish? You start working on it, you have a to do list in mind, if not written down, and it just keeps growing and growing. The ideas keep coming and swirling about waiting for something to be done with them even though other work has priority. I have this curse in spades sometimes since I write and blog; create 3D art, photos, videos and manipulated images; program and web code; and now and again compose music. I’m also an avid TV watcher across a somewhat broad spectrum–though not everything–and I watch some of the Saturday morning programming so I’m no stranger to the popular collectible card games, though I’ve never really played any.
There I’ve tipped my hand on a project that I have taking up processing cycles in my brain. It’s wild and unlikely to come to fruition because of the sheer amount of work, but I’ve been thinking and doing the preliminary work of a card game. Off the wall right? It takes a lot of cards and a lot of art. Worse than that is the requirement for different kinds of art such as characters, locations, assorted types of gear or types of powers. When the best of your art begins with figures and items in a 3D program that are created by others and likely come with a price tag (there are some awesome freebies in a dizzying array that I have been given) creating your own dizzying array of cards is very daunting. This is without designing all of the mind-bending rules that these games require and the loopholes to be avoided. Yet the craving to do this is with me, hard.
Music: The Rift by Vince Neil.

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