The Skinny on the Last of the First

Here it is again, that time of murder and mayhem, of slaughter and terror, in the month. Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 1-6 is available now in the Battered Spleen Productions Store. This is the last issue of the first year of the publication. One of the things that it boasts is an extra long Horror Movie Franchise Discussion and an accompanying review of the movie that was playing in the theatres while I was writing the issue, Halloween Resurrection. The piece of fiction to which the cover belongs in this issue is one of the darkest in Killing Time history, and that is saying something. I hope everyone finds it as vicious and chilling as it was to write. I wish I could point a couple things about it, but you know me, I can’t stand spoilers, so you’ll just have to dare to read it yourself. Let me say though, that I did my research about the baked goods, and euw!
The other story is a short but sweet one. I’ll admit that with this new printing I changed the title to avoid any potential conflict over it. Titles aren’t supposed to be trademarkable or strictly protected, but sometimes a famous quote is more highly scrutinised, so I changed the pronoun–which incidentally is an adjective in this case, according to a site I just checked. The article in this issue is "About Time", both in name and subject. The Writing in the Dark is about my all-time favourite writing topic, taint. Now, this is what you’ve been waiting for… the stunning conclusion to The Lizard of Hallucination. Wow, what a conclusion it is! It’s not pride to say that it’ll hit you hard and in a way like you never saw it coming. There are two movie reviews this issue, the first is for Jeepers Creepers, and you know the other.  Happy reading. ( )
The next issue, 2-1, will be available in June while I take a month off for other projects.
Music: Toast to the Extras by Anthrax.

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