More Interviews from Masters of Horror: The Anthology

It’s been quite the ride so far with the interviews. If you haven’t been keeping up we’ve had interviews with Jason Warden, Jennifer Brozek, Angel McCoy, Richard Barnes, K.K., and Joseph Mulak. Just stroll on back and read the ones you’ve missed or all of them. Once you’re done with those and you need to get yourself a copy of the book, or a closer look at what’s involved then you need to go to the Masters of Horror Anthology site.
There are more interviews to come. First, I’d like to thank the bloggers behind Catherine Mede Writes and Writer of the Horrific and Surreal for interviewing these authors. Not only did they do the interviews but I also worked with them on editing the anthology. That is our names over there on the cover. I’m very proud to have helped out and to carry these interviews. This is just the beginning.
The up coming interviews and their stories are:
A boy gets revenge on abusive adults in "Devil Inside" by William Cook.
It’s a creepy "Home Sweet Home" for a man newly on his own after his marriage falls apart by Scott M. Goriscak.
Mark Edward Hall’s "The Fear" makes a case against hunting for a lost relative.
May 25: William Cook
May 26: Scott Goriscak
May 27: Mark Edward Hall
Music: Believe Me by Moist.

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