Half Year Half-Time 2010

Time’s inexorable march has brought us to the middle of 2010 already. There were five issues of Killing Time – Horror E-Rag ( http://www.batteredspleenproductions.com/store/magazine.htm ) unleashed on an unsuspecting public, the most recent being the first issue of the second year of issues. In the month break between releasing the two years I added the automatic number tracking to more of the blog tag lists. In addition several new disambiguation pages have been added to the blogs and the Knowledge Base. New images have been created and added to the Grotesquerie, some of them from the E-Rag–these are actually fuller views of the scenes than were shown in Killing Time–due to the column arrangement. I also took out some time to update the Battered Spleen Productions site and include new buttons, one for blogs–a clearer destination–and the other to buy ads both on my blogs and in the E-Rag.
If you haven’t caught word of it yet I also opened up a second Twitter account specifically for Battered Spleen Productions, just follow http://twitter.com/batteredspleen  and take part in the horror and madness. I’m keeping it more tightly focused on horror than my regular account (@robertmale) and have already posted a number of creepy and disturbing tweets, if I do say so myself. So, what does the future hold? First there will be more new Killing Time issues. There will be more art. I am currently working on a new YouTube video; I won’t spoil what it’s about. There are more disambiguation pages to come to make finding the topic you want easier. Of course there will be more blog entries across the board. There will be new Killing Time issues until a break for December. Maybe some surprises to come too.
Music: Tears of the Dragon by Bruce Dickinson.
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