Punish the Naughty

Here it is time again. There’s a brand new issue of the E-Rag. You can go right now and pick up a copy of Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 2-2 ( http://www.batteredspleenproductions.com/store/kthe2-2.htm ) or read this first and then hit the link. This is another great issue–I may be biased though–and it includes some amazing stories. The first story "Toasty Warm" is one of my personal favourites. I had a blast writing it and I still enjoy it. It is also the first of my devil stories. The second story is another one that would deserve all kind of warning stickers on it if it were in physical media. It’s a nasty piece. As I say in the "Letter From the Editor"–I’ve said it here on this blog too–all sort of vile evil acts may appear in my writing, but I do not condone any of them. The last story is Act 2 of "PSY3007" and Benjamin finds out that his house isn’t the only strange and disturbing thing in his new hometown of Francketon.
Have you ever been in the company of people who look down on your choice of entertainment and tell you that horror is so lowbrow? Don’t believe them, and in fact with my article "A Little Class" you can prove them wrong. It’s chockfull of literary horror stories every English professor drools over. If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for anyone. The issue also has a new "Horror Movie Franchise Discussion" this time staring the redheaded doll of your nightmares, Chucky! I knew immediately what image I had to create for the insert. Hidee-ho-ha ha ha! Last thing in the issue is the second "Hangman’s Noose" and a look at the dual meanings of satisfaction and their application to horror and the contents of the issue. There’s a pair of reviews as usual to round things out–including "Silent Night, Deadly Night"–and there you have it, a new issue.
Music: Como Estais Amigos by Iron Maiden.

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