Advertising Content, Teasers, and Hooks

After the book is written or the magazine is published the work continues on for quite a while. Among that workload is advertising. To do that requires a bit of a different toolset as far as writing goes. Ad copy sometimes seems to be all about the hype, but as with everything, subtlety goes a long way even if it’s an underlying subtlety. Now, with the way things are, mastering ad copy writing in the traditional sense must be followed by the skill to condense your sales message down to a very limited number of characters–I’m looking at you Twitter. With eight issues of Killing Time – Horror E-Rag™ available plus the Year 1 bundle I’ve had some practice trying to sell on Twitter. It’s not that easy when I need room to name what I’m selling plus the URL plus a hashtag so I can do some tracking. 
I don’t really have the knowledge yet to determine how well my marketing is doing on Twitter and Facebook–I consider the Battered Spleen Productions™ Facebook page ( ) an update location much like the Dead Days Calendar™, but expanded. I decided to do each Killing Time tweet as a teaser to one of the stories. I find myself limited to 70 characters maximum to pitch the hook to my followers. That’s not a lot of space to sum up a tease for a story. I should note now that I write a new teaser for every tweet and that is for both my Twitter account @robertmale and the @batteredspleen account. This is to prevent monotony–even with three stories to cover for each issue–and getting marked as spam for repeating the same tweet over and over. In the same vein non-sales tweets and general tweeting draw more followers as well as prevent being a link spammer.
Music: Karma by Opeth.

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