Digging into Tough Recommendations

The middle issue of the second year of Killing Time – Horror E-Rag, Issue 2-3 ( http://www.batteredspleenproductions.com/store/kthe2-3.htm ), is available now. The part of it that I immediately wanted to talk about was the second Horror Cinema Autopsy about Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left. That is a movie that is very hard to pin down. I speak highly of it on one hand, but on the other I rarely suggest to people I know that they watch it. There are no other movies that I am torn about suggesting to others. I have not seen the recent remake. As such I cannot comment on it. The article preceding the autopsy is about the great horror genre mythos, and making your own mythos. It has the tongue in cheek title "Purple Nurple" because it also deals with twisting elements from the overarching mythos. This title pairs up with the second story "Pink Belly" about a prankster’s run in with the supernatural.
The first short story is "Husk Hound". There are things that I would love to say about this story, but you know my stance against unnecessary spoilers. I can say that it is another one of which I’m very much enamoured. There will inevitably be comparisons between it and a certain movie. Don’t let the opening fool you. This issue’s new act of the serial story "PSY3007" builds directly upon last time and ratchets things up with a startling revelation. It also opens the door for the rest of the series. The reviews kind of end up short changed here in the blog intro. This time up I have an awesome horror movie that just also happens to be anime. "Perfect Blue" is twisted and all kinds of mind scrambling. The book review is one of my favourites from the spectacular Graham Masterton. "Prey" is another of his Lovecraft inspired tales. That’s it. You may now go buy the issue.
Music: Laughing in the Hiding Bush by Bruce Dickinson.

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