A Two-Four of Horror

The day came again. The brand new Killing Time – Horror E-Rag Issue 2-4 is available now. This is another of those issues that comes with a story bearing a warning–this is the Deserver story "Dead Inside". It’s not uncommon, but what is uncommon is that it includes a further disclaimer that the author does not share the views expressed by the characters. The last thing I want to do is be identified with racism, yet as we know it exists and people who commit evil acts will be capable of it. I tried to keep it low key, and not to minimise it, but I tied it to a pretty heinous character while I was at it. The other story "Mind Me"–the cover story as it were–is a what-if horror. What if a classroom of children refused to do what they were told? Of course this has to turn nasty. It is interesting to see which of these two stories people find more disturbing.

The overarching idea for Killing Time in the second season is a tying together of the different articles and stories. It isn’t something that was done with a lot of forethought, but rather in seeing what threads of similarity existed, finding the commonality. This issue is about the crossing of lines, which culminates in "Hangman’s Noose 4" talking specifically about the lines that can be crossed. Certainly "Horror Movie Franchise Discussion #8" does that in spades covering the first six movies in the Hellraiser franchise. The reviews bear this out to varying degrees as well. Certainly lines were crossed–in more than one way–in the novel "Stir of Echoes". The novel is different than the movie so feel free to get your hands on both. I’ll let you discover the other review in the E-Rag yourself and let you go pick up your copy now. Thanks.


Music: All I Want Is Everything by Def Leppard.

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