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I had plans for October that just up and disappeared like ghosts exorcised by some overzealous paranormal hunting group. The annual movie nights went ahead. The E-Rag was released on time. Dozens of tags were added to the Knowledge Base. That was about it. Not that that wasn’t enough. I also did a little bit of programming work that made the excessive tagging possible. I have to go back and expand those programs out later. Then I have to take the expanded bits and fold them into an existing framework of other coding that exists for a different but related purpose. In the end, tags will generate themselves in a much more automated manner than they do now. Again I ask myself why I am not using someone else’s software. The answer is that I don’t like how other software is handling it on the few pre-existing bits I use.

I have a blog hosted with Blogger–owned by Google–and it is really beginning to get on my nerves. I cannot move easily back through old blogs unless there are only a couple of them in a month. The amount of tags is limited to 200 characters, which I broke exceedingly every movie night. I haven not checked lately but the tags did not list all entries with that tag, if you wanted to use them to follow a topic–that is the worst offence, especially from a Google product. I haven’t done much with WordPress since Windows Live Spaces pushed me onto it. I’ve had some piffling trouble getting around the site. LiveJournal hasn’t grabbed me either, but I haven’t done much with it. In fact I’m considering options for what to do with my LiveJournal. I have some ideas, and I’ve maybe even mentioned them before.

Music: Pearl of Euphoria by Def Leppard.



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