Revisiting Tags and Notes

I’ve had discussions with different people before about tags and notes. As you would expect they have different opinions. Some think the tags should be kept to the most pertinent ideas. Some think the tags should be expressed directly within the text–this is important in keyword work to make search engines like you more because you look like you know what you’re talking about and are worth being higher up in the rankings a.k.a. nearer to being listed first in the pages for that search. I am not that interested in doing that, least of all as artificially as the supposed search professionals seem to want content providers to do. I like to include tags for everything that is covered directly and indirectly in my blog entries. That means if I use a word like say conspiracy, then that will be a tag, but I might not say the word yet the meaning is there or something reminds me of it.

Why is this important? Why come back to this again? October’s little holiday love-fest brought it back. All of those movies generated a lot of tags especially as connections arose and one thing evoked another or required a bit of explanation or a connection necessary to understand the point being made. There are only so many things that a person can be expected to remember. There is no need to work excessively hard on remember things that are trivial only until they are not. This is the other half of the equation. The tags are there to point you to more on a topic, or to allow you to return to something you read before. There is also the matter of not requiring the reader, or even yourself to have to go elsewhere to find a piece of information, especially if it wasn’t something readily available i.e. had to dig around for it.

Music: Back From the Edge by Bruce Dickinson.


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