The Last Deserver

It’s that time again. Killing Time – Horror E-Rag Issue 2-6 is available now. A brand new issue, and new horrors. This is the last issue of Year Two. That means that you could instead buy all six issues at a discounted price. Either way it’s a good day to be a horror fan. The first thing I want to tell you about is this issue’s piece of the serial story PSY3007 Act 6. As I mentioned last time it could be the stunning conclusion to the story or a mind-blowing cliffhanger. The only way to find out it is to buy the issue and read for yourself. The other two stories in this issue are a little longer than previous ones have been making this issue more bang for your buck. The first is “Ghost of the Navigator” about a storeowner who picks up a ghost. The other is “No Fury”, and is the last of the Deservers stories. Devils are afoot again, but they may have some competition.

The first article–after the “Letter From the Editor” detailing the creative process of the issue and other sundry thoughts–is titled “Horror Stars?” and is a veritable who’s who of actors and actresses that you might never have imaged played roles in a horror movie. This issue also marks the final “Horror Movie Franchise Discussion” with #9 and it is the Scream Trilogy. It’s a very interesting look back in light that there is soon to be a fourth movie, which is bound to change some of the dynamics described and come with it’s own new rules of horror. Until then the last article, the final “Hangman’s Noose”, covers a lot of the rules of horror movies and especially horror movie franchises. The two reviews are for the movies “The Cell” and “The Mothman Prophesies” this time. The next issue will be coming out January 21, 2011, not in December. I hope you can wait.

Music: Silver Wings by Bruce Dickinson.


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