Serial Finale: Class Dismissed

It is that time once more. It’s killing time. Killing Time – Horror E-Rag Issue 3-2 has landed in the Battered Spleen Productions store. I hope everyone’s been able to patiently wait until now, with a minimum of bloodshed–after all, that duty falls to the E-Rag. The wait is worth it. Don’t let that page count fool you. Yes it’s about the size of the very first issue, but look at how well that turned out. The first story is titled “Snowfly” and you won’t know what you’re in store for until you read it. It’s the oldest story to grace the pages of Killing Time. The second story is the second instalment of the new serial story, “Sun Cycle”. It is titled “Powerless at Midday” and it keeps the hits coming from last time out. Then I have what you have all been waiting for, the thrilling finale to “PSY3007”. It’s the final confrontation between Ben and the forces of evil.

On the article front we have “Ghostly Illumination #2” and its look at the man that likes to make you scream and gives you nightmares, Wes Craven. This issue brings you the poem “Constellations” and that is all I going to say about it because you just have to experience it for yourself. “Sommatoria #2” ties all of the portions of the issue together again. Just as I initially did in the first short issues, there is some additional full-page art. Eventually it will make its way into the Grotesquerie, but until then it is only available in this issue. In the midst of the chaos that is putting together the final touches on the PDF and the website I came upon an idea. I’m not ready to unveil it yet, but just watch this blog for it. It’s small bit of added fun and I’ve said enough. You may now go buy your copy of Issue 3-2. The next issue will land on a more regular date, March 18th.

Music: Blastin’ Fast & Loud by Twisted Sister.


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