Don’t Jump the Gun, Pants Kicker

If you’ve looked at the Dead Days Calendar(TM) on Battered Spleen Productions main page for April you will notice that there are blog updates scheduled for Saturdays later in the month. I figured if I didn’t announce it then it might well be June before I launched the new fiction blog. There is one difficulty though. The blog will be called Umbral Intentions(TM) as I’ve previous said. However, that should not be the initial name of the blog. The events that will cause it to become the blog of umbral intentions does not happen for quite some number of entries in the timeline I have planned out. Between now and the first posting I have to come up with the initial name and create graphics for it. It’s a bit of a shame. I have such a nice visual set up for the Umbral Intentions name.

The name and initial tone of the blog need to be very indicative and telling of what kind of person Joshua Rhoads is. This is a little bit hard at this point because I have not decided on his profession yet. The character is still pretty inchoate at this point. The indications I have regarding his character relate to his dealings with other people he mentions, and with the secret he is hiding, but plans to reveal to the world through his blog. That secret is seriously colouring his perceptions of a lot of things, and with good reason. As the creator I have to see past how that is tainting his demeanour, his perceptions of the world, and his relationships. The name of the blog should not be very telling of his secret either because that would be a poor way to keep a secret until he is comfortable with exposing it to the entire online world. Decisions. Decisions.

Music: Tearing Down the World by Royal Hunt.


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