The Stars Align 7 Years Later

Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 3-4 is available now. It seemed like technical issues were going to seriously mess up the release, but I pushed through, worked a lot of extra hours, and the issue is ready for you. I even managed to do it with several hours to spare before my usual early link to the sale’s page. If you didn’t know I post to Twitter ( @batteredspleen ) when the issue is available in the wee hours of Friday morning before I head off to bed. This issue has a doozy of an entry for Sun Cycle with “Twilight’s Promise”. We’re with Jake again and just to warn you, prepare to be floored. Also… bow chick-a bow bow! On a separate but related note, before you even get to that, in “Dare Try 2” it’s bodice-ripping time with Mabel. Rounding out the fiction in this article is “Firehouse” about the difficulties a policeman has with an empty house through the years.

The poem in this issue may potentially cause some confusion. The title of the poem is hidden because I placed it at the end of the poem. The cover reads “Hidden Title” and the Table of Contents only elaborates with “Hidden Title (at the Bottom)” so to find out you have to read it. This issue’s “Ghostly Illumination #4” is all about the massive imagination of Clive Barker. The “Letter From the Editor” is something of a special one that has always stuck with me. In fact it was kind of the genesis of WraithStop(TM) in many ways, before I ever started that site. Then there is the “Sommatoria #4”. What to say about it this time… Well, you won’t believe your eyes. That’s the run down. Run on over and buy a copy. Issue 3-5 will be landing on May 20th.

Music: Starblind by Iron Maiden.

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