May Your Time Die Well

Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 3-5 is available now. This issue is a little on the short side, but as we all know quality is king. Be sure to check out the full-width version of the cover following the story to which it belongs. Let’s start with the first story. It’s my first vampire story. Reading it now makes it seem a touch derivative in setting, but you still have no idea what I have in store for you until you read it. It is also not indicative of what I intend to do with vampires in the overarching mythos I’m building. This story may even turn out scarier when I hit you with the vampire novel I’m planning. The second story is the one inspired by a song. It’s pretty transparent. It’s pretty short too, but I hope sweet. Now, this instalment of “Sun Cycle” is pretty shocking, which is saying something after last issue’s segment. The cliffhanger is going to leave you howling for more.

The poem… the poem is in colours… You’ll just have to read it to find out what they mean. The “Ghostly Illumination #5” is all about the biggest name in horror. Yes it’s time for the haunting light to show off Stephen King. The Letter From the Editor talks a little bit about the current climate of things at the time and gets into a bit about light and dark in horror before telling you everything you want to know about the background behind all of the rest of the issue’s parts. I hope everyone had a good chuckle at last issue’s Sommatoria. This time all is back to normal and I tied up the issue in three nice, neat threads as usual. I hope everyone can wait until the next issue, 3-6, the final issue for Year Three, when it lands June 24th. It will have the Sun Cycle finale in a mind shattering two-parter! See you then, same killing channel, same Killing Time…

Music: Metal Health by Quiet Riot.

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