The Chaos Will Coalesce Again

I am back from my hiatus. So, what did I accomplish? Well… not much of what I had intended; I can tell you that. All the background bits that no one notices until they aren’t complete are only caught up to the end of February and I already had January set to rights before I took the time off. As you know, Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 3-5 was unleashed upon a partly suspecting world. Work of course is well under way for the big third year finale. I started, in May, with the back cover because I had an awesome idea. In fact a big chunk of what I did get done was to complete a large number of art pieces. I also set up the web pages for most of them. There are still some pages to be done before I upload them all though, or I’d be showing those off right now. On that front there is some more news, but I will be a tease and leave that for when I’m done and ready.

Throughout the break the posts have continued from Joshua as he deals with this haunting. I ran a two-part interview with photographer and jewellery maker Amanda Norman in “Grave Photos with Amanda Norman” and “Amanda Norman’s Gothic Jewellery Box”. That pretty much up sums up what has gone on. What about the future? Well… that is a fine question. The undone work will have to come about whenever and however I can manage it. The blogging has gotten off to a slow start, but will resume its normal schedule. Again, there are projects, plans, and announcements that I will only dangle and you will just have to wait for them to drop. So stay tuned.

Music: Hero of the Day by Metallica.

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