Thankfully It Comes Naturally

I have to admit that work is not progressing as it should. I lost one night to watching episodes of ghost and haunting stories as well as some clips and even some paranormal investigations. From that came a nice R.G. Male’s Dark Corners about “Of Friends Not There”. I meant to do a new TechStop yesterday (Thursday June 16), but it was not meant to be. Instead I was drawn into my 3D rendering software and new PaintShop Photo Pro X3 to use some great new visual tricks and modes. Even there I did not run the experiment I meant to, but what I did came out all kinds of awesome. You will still have to wait for the goods I’ve been stockpiling for that. Even now I would prefer to be blogging about some particular topic rather than running another update entry. You just have to roll with the punches, and leave some small things up to chance, or pure dumb luck.

In the Of Friends entry I spoke about the past and about imagination. Right now I find myself thinking about intuition and taking a creative leap of faith. As is the case with your favourite authors, and others that the academics and purveyors of fine literature get behind, writing can be about what you unintentionally put into it. Often an author in an interview will tell you that they were not making point X when they wrote their book. Yet the readers find it in there, and sometimes it is droves of readers that see it, meaning that it is a common understanding that they have derived from the story, unintentional or not. I don’t benefit from this phenomenon in just non-specifically created themes and subtexts, but also in foreshadowing, revelations, and general plot details. I will clue into what I have done in some previous section and then capitalise on it. Things just fall into place. Like how this entry turned out.

Music: Zero Signal by Fear Factory.

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