Friday Night Finale, Round 3

Here it is, that time again. Yeas it’s Killing Time. Not only is Killing Time – Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 3-6 available right now, but also it is the Year 3 finale. It is not just any finale either. It is the final issue of the original three year run. Even more so it is jam packed with extras. Several articles are longer than usual. Beyond that it has a special two-part double whammy conclusion to the Sun Cycle serial story. The first part is “Persuasive Evening” and the second at the very end of the issue is “Pernicious Witching Hour”. Hoo-boy, is it a thrill ride. I mean this as no kind of comparison to Stephen King or the book/movie–its nothing alike–but this conclusion is like Needful Things… you won’t believe your eyes. Say, is that only in the movie version?

That’s putting the cart before the horse. The first story in this issue, “Tree Fort”, introduced what is, or rather was, the final world to the Allamagoosalum setting. With it also comes a new monster. A group find themselves in a jungle city high up in the trees where horrors await. The other story in this issue is the final story inspired by a song. I can’t help but find the inspiration painfully obvious, buy you might not catch it until the reveal. Even then you still won’t know what’s coming. You can judge for yourself in “Don’t Call Me Horace”.

For articles we have a longer than usual Letter From the Editor talking about the three year run of the e-rag among other things, and the usual run down. It caps off with the first information about a new Year 4. That’s all I’ll say about that this week. The poem is almost double sized this issue, and it is from that that the cover art is derived this issue.  This time the haunting light shines on Sam Raimi in “Ghostly Illumination #6”. The reviews are nothing to sneeze at either. The first is for my favourite Hellraiser sequel. The second is a hefty one that hit a second page. It is for The Monster Club with John Carradine and Vincent Price. Then capping off the articles is the final pulling together of everything, not just in the issue, but again over the three years, the Sommatoria. So have at it, fine readers, and stay tuned to this blog for news about Issue 4-1.

Music: 0-G Love by Minmei Lynn.


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