Taking a Swing At It

There was a point where I told myself that I would not be one of those authors who write about fictional authors. I may still stick with that, but as far as non-fiction goes I do not know if I could not talk about authoring. I was struck by a particularly author-ly thought while writing for one of my other blogs. I always brainstorm these grand topic ideas where I am going to spend a good chunk talking about idea x. Then I get writing and idea x gets summed up neatly in a line or two. It feels kind of like a let down. Where is the bulk, the heft? It’s in there, but it’s small and compact. I will have been blogging for six years on August 12th. I hope I’ve learned a thing about brevity and concision in that time. After blogging for a while I always marvelled at what it took to wrangle in a paragraph to the size I prefer for my blogs. Now I frequently just come up short at the right length.

I do like to ramble. I like to attack an idea from multiple angles and harry it until I feel I covered everything I want to pass on about it to the audience. Sometimes you just have to let go though. Sometimes it’s for the best to say the most salient bits and then move on. After all there are as many topics to cover as there are stars in the sky, especially when you take into account all of the aspects of each one to cover. This reminds me of a bit of conversation about how there just isn’t enough time and the second person responds asking how much time for what, with the implication that most of it doesn’t matter, focus on what matters. For some, like me, and chances are good, like you, what matters is what we’re doing. If everything I write about, blog about, and think about didn’t matter I wouldn’t be doing this. If I’m not satisfied with it I don’t expect you to be satisfied either.

Music: Elysium by Stratovarius.

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