Slow Down and Rescheduling

This is getting posted late and I almost didn’t do it at all. I do not think that the first issue of Killing Time’s 4th year will be available in early October as I had planned. That means it may not be available until closer to Halloween if it doesn’t slip into November or for release-pacing reasons early December.

I did not expect many submissions. I know how it goes. There is a lot of silence. Then there is a tiny trickle. It trickles for a while like a hole in a dam and cracks spider through the concrete and then suddenly there is a deluge–or you know, something plugs it from the other side and the trickle dries up. I half expect the trickle not to start until half way through the publishing year. In any event, I do not feel I have enough in place for the parts of the magazine that I always intended to do myself. I’ve been busy working on other projects and quite unexpectedly taking it easy. I may have to extensively pre-write the annual Halloween festivities at R.G. Male’s Dark Corners as well.

I’m going to pull the September 23 post here at Inchoate. The hiatus continues.

Music: Be the Ball by Slash’s Snakepit.

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