2012 Quick-Busts a Move

Hello and welcome to 2012. Welcome to the future, right now. Will this be the final year for all of us? I seriously doubt it. Normally I would begin with a look back. There is no time for that. It’s onward and upward. There is no time for lollygagging. It’s the 20th of January already. It’s Friday, which means there is nothing to post anywhere on my sites until Monday again. Next Saturday I will re-ignite On Dark Rhoads(TM), but it will no longer be called that. I knew from the first post that I would be changing the name sooner rather than later. In the interest of surprise I will not tell you the new name or what changes there will be. You will not want to miss any of it if you even marginally liked On Dark. One thing I can say it is still will be Joshua Rhoads telling his story as it unfolds around him. I guess I can also tell you it will get darker and more frightening. It pretty much has to do that given just a fraction of what I have in store.

Cheers, and let’s make 2012 everything the previous year was and way more.

Music: She Makes Me by Queen.

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