Your Own Private World

When I first started thinking about what I was going to write today I did not immediately see the connection to last week. Now I can’t help but see it. I was watching a video last night about wearable cameras, augmented reality, and the future. A cyberpunk novel came up in the conversation involving select people who had access to an augmented reality layer that applied itself to a specific location. To the uninitiated it was a mostly empty room. To the wired there was something there, and of course to the in the know, the permitted, there was more yet.

I’m going to leave you with some homework of sorts. If you are interested in the intersection of what I said above and what was posted last week then I have to views of an article titled “When ‘Mad Men’ Meets Augmented Reality”. The first is from WraithStop(TM)… and the second from TechStop(TM)…

You may also want to check out the TechStop(TM) tag page for…

Music: Gates of Tomorrow by Iron Maiden.

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