Silly Side Slipping Filler

I’ve been watching four hour swathes of entertainment in the same setting, many times multiple nights in the week. It’s like slipping into another world for a time.* It’s like living someone else’s life from the outside.** It’s an experience that cannot be duplicated in prose or even audio alone. That is partly due to pacing, but mostly due to being a medium of sight and sound, and imagination.***

I don’t have anywhere that I’m going with this. I just didn’t want to leave this timeslot empty. Work progresses on different fronts that I have previously mentioned, and sadly some other work has had to fall by the wayside. Until next time…

* No I don’t, nor can anyone in real life, leave this universe for another.
** No I don’t, nor can any human in real life, leave my/their body and possess another person, whether that person is in this universe or any other universe.
*** Apologies to Rod Serling.

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