Get Your Cogs Winding

Sometimes a simple idea grabs you. Sometimes it is a little web comic. Sometimes it is a snippet of a story. On this occasion it was both of the last two. If you want to see what got me writing without spoilers then check out Zombies Are the Least of My Worries ( ).

The point of the comic and the story is that people are more dangerous than zombies in the zombie apocalypse. This isn’t always true in just any disaster such as a hurricane, but certainly so when it comes to surviving the dead rising en masse to consume the living. Occasionally this comes up in movies, but not a lot, and certainly not in a direct way. It is more often stupidity or blind arrogance that leads to the trouble amongst the survivors, than it does intentional malice. Of course I can think of some exceptions.

There is one point where I disagree with the article accompanying the comic. The article’s author is wrong. Getting into trouble almost right away and running from a pack of slavering fast zombies is a good plan for a game session! It’s certainly a much better story after the fact.

As much as this grabbed me and sent the wheels spinning anew, it was not a new concept that even the worst zombie attack might be desirable compared to evil afoot at the same time. I’m throwing this out there in case it is something new for your or gets your mind going anyway. It’s almost never bad advice to go out and find some inspiration and then run with it. Go now and I’ll see you again next time.

Music: Magetsu No Shiwaza (Because of the Full Moon) by Aya Hisakawa.

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