What Is Going On August 2012

Each day seems like more than one, yet at the same time each of those multi-days flies by into actual weeks and months. At least it can hardly be described as boring in the short term. I don’t have much to report and this seems like a good week to report on how work is progressing.

I have a bunch of art in various states of completion. I do not have the four primary or key pieces done that I wanted before starting a store, but I have a lot of secondary pieces getting there. I should press on ahead nonetheless.

I put together a lot of coding for the new unlisted tags to be put into the Knowledge Base over at Battered Spleen Productions(TM). I didn’t track how many unlisted tags will be added. I have not uploaded them yet because I do not have the new cross-blog tags sorted out and added yet. I may have to tackle that task manually, which with potentially over 2000 tags to check is more than a little work.

That’s really all there is that isn’t readily apparent. Of course Umbral Intentions(TM) keeps on rolling. I’ve been keeping Learning Dark Arts going, if at a slightly slower pace. I even managed to find an image I wanted to posted but began to believe I had never saved outside of the program. Then lastly (of the biggies) R.G. Male’s Dark Corners is the same as always with a themed series running it’s way toward completion.

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to check out Umbral tomorrow.

Music: Out Right Now by Material Issue.

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